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Hi guys!

First time I'm actually posting something on my LJ and I'm already asking something from you. 

My friend started a petition to bring Jin's show to Brazil. That's a great idea if you think that this could open doors for other Johnny Entertainment groups shows here in South America. Not only Brazil, but South America. We mention Brazil, first, obviously because it's our country, but mainly because it's central for everyone to come and it has the biggest Japanese population outside Japan. 

Jin himself told that he wanted to do a show in other places, Europe, Asia, so why not South America? KAT-TUN has a strong fan base here and I'm pretty sure they'd like to see at least one member of the group singing live. 
Even if you're not Brazilian, please sign the petition because it will open precedents for him to go to other countries in America, not only Jin, but other bands, they'll see that they have a strong fanbase in America and start to think about us when planning real World Wide tours. 

So sign it, ok? :D


Olá, pessoal!

Jin terminou recentemente 3 shows em LA e logo em seguida anunciou sua turnê pelos Estados Unidos. Hoje saiu uma entrevista que Jin teria dado para um site onde ele dizia que gostaria de fazer vários shows pelo mundo, inclusive Europa e, no final dessa entrevista, ele fala aos fãs que pedissem pelo show de várias formas, seja mandando carta ou via Twitter. Por isso, resolvemos fazer uma "abaixo-assinado" pedindo o show do Jin aqui no Brasil. Se vocês puderem, assinem e divulguem. Não vai gastar nada e nem vai dar trabalho. 
Mesmo não sendo fã do Jin, pense o seguinte: se o show realmente acontecer, poderá abrir precedente para que outros shows da Johnny Entertainment venham para cá. Fãs são várias, mas é necessário mobilização para que eles percebam que vale a pena trazer os shows para cá, eles precisam saber que haverá público.  A nossa petição está mobilizando para um show no Brasil, mas se você mora em outros países da América do Sul ou Central, assine também. Brasil é um país central para todos e se a procura for grande, eles poderiam expandir o show para outras capitais importantes da América. 
Então, assinem, ok? :D

Obrigada a todos!



I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger.

I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger. My Windows Live ID is lalesca@livejournal.com. Sign up now and we can chat!

Apr. 18th, 2009

So, I'm willing to start writing something here.
Sorry for those who have me in your F-list. 
Maybe I should write something about myself and things that I like once in a while just to make sure that I do exist and I'm not just adding people out of nowhere...

I was thinking about something really, really interesting to write here, but I remembered that I promised to myself to write in English in this journal (yea, stupid, the promise and who did the promise @.@) and my English is not that good. But as I did this gigantic list of dramas that I watched and, at first, I was going to write about them, then I'm going to do so. This list had already grown, but unfortunatelly with work, studies and my new hobbie that I'm going to talk about later, I'm not actually watching drama lately T_T Shame on me T_T
I'll write about them but I'll give this warning just once : I'll give MY opinion about them, if anyone read this (does people actually read?) and don't agree, sorry, my journal, my opinion, the door is open, you can leave. 
But I'm a good girl, I just give bad opinion about things people generally don't like either. And I'm here just for the cute guys, don't expect something too deep, I only remember the cute guys ;)

Well, before I talk about it individualy , I'll make here a list of drama that I watched so far(I'll try to make it cronologically, but maybe I'll get lost, my memory is no longer how it used to be...)

- Mars
- Meteor Garden
- Meteor Garden II
- Peach Girl
- Meteor Rain
- Mermalady Boy
- Engine
- Hana Kimi (TW)
- The Hospital (stopped because I couldn't find it on the internet...)
- Last vacation
- Love Generation
- Lavander
- Romantic Princess
- Hero
- Nodame Cantabile
- Gokusen
- Pride
- Hana Yori Dango
- Hana Kimi (JP)
- Kimi Wa Petto
- A Million Falling Stars
- Detective Conan
- Deep Love
- Silence
- Full House
- Devil Beside You

Well, I probably forgot two or three dramas that I had watched, but I'll try to talk about all those that I listed and the future ones...
Bye bye!
So, i'll use this space to talk about something that I love... Asia and all its entertainment... Manga, anime, movie, drama, the stars... What I watch, I'll give MY  opinion... And I emphasis MY because it's nobody else and nobody is supposed to like my opinion, just respect it...
If what I wrote here doesn't please you, please be my guest to look for other journals...
Se you later, alligator...

first time in here ...

1,2,3 ... sound ok
1,2,3 ... view ok
let's see if it will work or not ... It will be boring for me , I hate to write in english ...